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A chance encounter in Pemberley woods


Title: A chance encounter in Pemberley woods
Author: Brigid Huey
Publisher: Meryton Press
Year: 2019
Genre: romance
Rating: 4/5

Source: sent by the blog tour organizer in exchange for an honest review



A chance encounter in Pemberley woods is the debut novel by Brigid Huey, a young mother fan of Jane Austen.
This is a Pride and Prejudice‘s variation that takes up the story from the meeting of the two main characters at Pemberley with two completely new elements: a storm and a baby!

While a suffering Darcy rides to his home hoping to forget Elizabeth Bennet and her refusal, he must slow down his horseback ride due to driving rain. As if with hallucinations, he sees, just a few meters from him, exactly the one he wanted to forget with a bundle in her arms. Obviously, he immediately helps the woman and the child she is carrying but he is tortured with the thought that the baby could be Elizabeth‘s.

A chance encounter in Pemberley woodsLizzy, on the other hand, found the poor creature abandoned in the woods near Pemberley and, after waiting for a while for her parents to return, she decided to take care of her personally so that she wouldn’t die.

The novel develops two main narrative strands: that of the search of the infant’s family and that of the discovery of mutual love between the two protagonists through the common love for little Daisy.

Darcy and Elizabeth are real characters, they show their emotions and are completely in line with the Austen original ones. Even with just one look, they know how to create romantic atmospheres.

The character that I liked the most and surprised me, however, was Georgiana. Her attachment to little Daisy was the sweetest thing and her protection made the young woman stronger than she could imagine.

I liked a lot Bingley‘s story, a little less Wickham‘s one. In fact, the story that revolves around him seemed incomplete and rushed to me.

The author’s style is very simple and pleasant, which made the whole novel fluent and captivating. A definitely recommended reading for fans of Jane Austen‘s variation and for those who have not yet lost the desire to fall in love with Darcy and Elizabeth.


Here is one of the sweetest scenes of the novel kindly offered by the author… isn’t it a wonderful scene? Think of the author’s descriptive ability, I love it!


Darcy marched quickly through his mother’s rose garden, intent only on finding Georgiana.
Damn Miss Bingley! Her snide comments were always irritating, but she had gone too far this time. If not for Elizabeth’s timely intervention, he might well have said something he would have regretted.
He rounded the corner and stopped, arrested by a sight that was so welcome and wished for that it made his heart ache. Elizabeth was laughing, the sound like a balm to his heart, and Georgiana was smiling. He watched as his little sister put her hand up to stifle a giggle. The two were surrounded by roses in a scene so picturesque it could have been a painting.
At that moment, Elizabeth looked up, catching his gaze. He knew his face displayed open admiration, but he found he did not care. Perhaps it was time that he began to express his feelings freely. The worst that could happen had already happened. She had rejected him in the most stringent manner. He truly had nothing left to lose.
Except for her friendship. He sighed, schooling his features once more.
“Brother!” Georgiana said, turning toward him in welcome.
Georgiana, dear, are you quite well?” He walked to her side, taking her hand in his.
“I am well, Fitzwilliam.” Though she spoke firmly enough, she cast her eyes to the ground. His heart ached for her. Every time he tried to ease her discomfort, he seemed only to make it worse.
“Your sister was merely doing me a kindness, sir,” Elizabeth said, her eyes twinkling. “I had a sudden need to vacate the drawing room, and Miss Darcy rescued me.”
“Indeed. Allow me to apologize, Miss Bennet,” Darcy said.
“Whatever for, sir?” Elizabeth looked up at him with a look of amused confusion. She was enchanting.
“For the rudeness you have endured whilst a guest in my home.”
“Think nothing of it,” Elizabeth replied with a smile. “Truly, sir, if you begin apologizing for certain persons, you may never find an end to the enterprise.”
Despite himself, Darcy smiled at her remark. Georgiana caught his attention then.
“Forgive me, Brother, but would you mind very much if I retired to my chambers? I feel rather tired.”

“Of course, my dear,” Darcy said at once. He ducked his head, trying to peer into her face. She did not seem distressed, but perhaps the mention of Wickham was too much for her. “Let me escort you.”
“No, please stay,” Georgiana replied quickly. “I do not wish to draw attention. I shall just slip upstairs if I may.”A chance encounter in Pemberley woods
“I understand completely, my dear,” Darcy said.
Miss Bennet, please excuse me. I look forward to seeing you this evening.”
Darcy watched as Elizabeth smiled at Georgiana, his sister then giving them a slight curtsy. She walked quickly out of the garden. His eyes followed her until she had disappeared into the house.
“It so rare to see her laugh in company,” he said, still looking at the door that Miss Darcy had just entered. He turned back to Elizabeth, his eyes seeking hers. “Thank you, Miss Bennet.”
She held his gaze for a moment. “It is nothing, sir.”
How badly he wanted her—her whole self here with him at Pemberley, completing his family! She would bring life and warmth where there was but little. Having her here had solidified in his mind what his heart had known these many months: he would love none but her.
Miss Bennet, may I take this opportunity to speak with you about something that is troubling me?”
“Of course, Mr. Darcy,” she replied, her brow furrowed.
“Earlier, in my library, you seemed…surprised when I told you I was to adopt Daisy as my ward. May I ask…does this plan displease you?”
Her eyes flew to his face. “Displease me? Not at all, I assure you.”
“Then you approve of it?” His anxiety on this matter was acute. He had acted with his heart, trusting his instincts, but he was loath to disappoint Elizabeth—not now especially when he was hopeful that they might indeed become friends.
Elizabeth looked away, turning her head to look out across the beautiful landscape. “I was surprised,” she said softly, her eyes still surveying the rolling hills, “though I know not why. You are not the sort of man to shirk his responsibility. And yet, this is so much more than that. Perhaps it is your duty to care for the child, to find her a home, but this…” She turned toward him, her eyes holding his. “Mr. Darcy, I can think of no better life for Daisy than to grow up with you as her guardian.”
Darcy blinked, her response bringing forth a riot of emotions. She might not return his affections, but it seemed he had earned her respect. Could it be possible for regard to build from such a foundation? He knew not. But until such time as this could be known, he would treasure her words.
“Thank you, Miss Bennet.”

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A chance encounter in Pemberley woods

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The author

has been in love with Jane Austen since she first saw the BBC‘s Pride and Prejudice adaptation as a young girl. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and in her spare time, she devotes herself to writing and reading. This is her first variation although she has many others in mind.


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  • Thank you so much for this thoughtful review, and for being a part of my blog tour. Your review has helped me see my own work in a new light, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you for being such a gracious host!

  • Thank you for taking the time to read and review Brigid Huey’s A Chance Encounter in Pemberley Woods. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Georgiana was captivating in this story. The author allowed her sweet nature to show as well as her strong love for family. It was good watching and spending time with Darcy and Elizabeth. I agree that they felt real.

    We appreciate you participating in the blog tour and sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Is it me or is the excerpt missing? That’s okay, because this review is so good! I love a review that recommends a book well and entices the reader without too many spoilers. Congrats to Brigid on another top review!

    • Thank you for your comment, Suzan! There is the excerpt, you must click on the plus sign near the word excerpt. Since I don’t like spoilers I put it in a drop-down menu!

  • I enjoyed this very positive and thoughtful review! Thanks to Loren for sharing her thoughts on this intriguing story, and congratulations to Brigid for another receiving another good review!

  • You wrote a lovely review, Loren. Thank you for sharing what you like and not like about the story. I feel it would be better with Wickham isn’t in it because I like more page time for Darcy and Elizabeth.

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