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Il club di Jane Austen

A little whimsical in his civilitiesTitle: A little whimsical in his civilities
Author: J. Marie Croft

Publisher: Meryton press
Year: 2016
Genre: humoristic novella
Rating: 3/5
Source: This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Described entirely from Mr Darcy‘s point of view, A little whimsical in his civilities tells how, thanks to Lady Catherine‘s intrusion into the Bennet house, Darcy and Bingley return to Hertfordshire to reconquer their beloved Jane and Elizabeth.
The story takes place exactly one year after the Meryton assembly, and on this new occasion, Mr Darcy tries to show himself in a different way from how it had previously appeared. His attempts to appear cordial and to smile, however, are unsuccessful and he gives an appearance of self that is completely contrary to that he hoped for. This is also due to the fact that, during almost the entire dance, due to continuous intrusions, he cannot reach Elizabeth and express what he feels to her.

It is fun to read Mr Darcy‘s most intimate thoughts, especially those addressed to Elizabeth‘s dance partners. We see him expressing himself in an offensive and ridiculous way, characteristics that we would never have associated with the character. To achieve this, the author used the language of the Regency era, full of common sayings and alliterations. This thing proof the extensive research carried out by the author but put me in a bit of a pain. Being an Italian reader, I was constantly searching for the meaning of words.

Presenting itself as a humorous novel, the story is not of the kind that everyone can like. However, the book can be read in a little time and has the merit of containing one of the most beautiful mockeries taken by Mr Bennet at the expense of Mr Darcy.

The author

A little whimsical in his civilitiesJ. Marie Croft has a great passion for Pride and Prejudice, word games and laughter. This is expressed in her ironic and humorous novel Love at first slight and in her story Spyglasses and sunburns in the Sun-kissed collection: Effusions of summer anthology.

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