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Sometimes, taken from the house, work and family commitments, we forget to do simple small actions that should be done daily.
How many times do we forget to stretch in the morning? It’s only ten minutes and yet we never have the time.

So I decided to create a printable that could contain our daily routine and help us, if we need it, to develop a new habit.

Daily routine

The file is available in two formats: A4 and A5; and presents, in addition to the box for the daily routine, also two small blocks (hypothetically for actions to be done once a week or every 15 days). At the bottom, you can find in addition a box to add notes.

Download “A4 Daily routine free printable” Daily-routine.pdf – Scaricato 27 volte – 961 KB

Download “A5 Daily routine free printable” A5-Daily-routine.pdf – Scaricato 21 volte – 648 KB

Download the perfect format for you and take a look at my gratitude journal!
Write to me in the Contact me page if you have a request, I will try to satisfy you!

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