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After a lot of research, I have finally understood what is the planner for me. Since I adore to add new sections and move them continuously, I opted for a convenient ring planner. However, before buying a very expensive Filofax, I decided to try a cheaper planner on Amazon.

I started to download refills from the internet but, as I always changed something to make them suitable for me, I decided to do it myself and later to share them on my website.

Here is the first of a long series of printables. 

Gratitude journal free printables

It is a “gratitude journal“, a page that can be inserted in your own planner and used at the end of the day to write down the things we are grateful for.
The files are in two formats: A4 and A5; and in three versions: with the white sheet, with the dotted sheet and with the bulleted list.

Click here – A4

Click here – A5

Feel free to download the one that suits you best and, if you have a request, write to me in the Contact me section. I will be happy to create a printable suitable for you!

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