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Download – Inside out printable stickers


In 2015 the animated film of Pixar animation, Inside out, was broadcast to the cinema.
Inside out printable stickers
The story takes place in the mind of the young Riley, where there are the real main characters of the story, that is the emotions. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust have taught us how the presence of a feeling should not exclude the presence of another.

As I looked at my planner stickers, I thought about making the emoticons less boring.
That’s how I was inspired by Inside out to create a set of printable stickers.

In the pdf you can find stickers with images of the characters in happy planner style, post-it and two tables to keep track of an action during the week. Moreover, there are decorative elements, writings and stickers to remember the things to do and the water drunk.

Inside out printable stickers

Download “Inside-out printable planner stickers.pdf” Inside-out-stickers.pdf – Scaricato 22 volte – 6 MB

I hope you like this printable! Feel free to download it and suggest what might be useful to you in the Contact me section. I’ll be happy to help you!

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