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Download – Toki doki printable stickers


Toki doki is a brand that was founded in 2005 by Simone Legno, an Italian enthusiast of Japanese culture. Thanks to its aesthetically cute characters and to those “criminally” cute, the brand has made itself known around the world and, now, boasts a large number of collaborations.

As a fan of Japan culture and dark style I could not remain immune to the charm of this brand. For this reason I decided to create simple stickers to print for the planner.

Toki doki printable stickers

Download “Toki doki printable stickers” Tokidoki-stickers.pdf – Scaricato 564 volte – 727 KB

Download your copy and let me know if you’d like anything else on the Contact me page!
I will be happy to satisfy you! 

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