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Le guide – Weekend readings

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During the weekend, people are divided into two categories: those who are freer than the other days and those who have planned a lot of things to do, making themselves busier than in working days.
While the former can devote themselves to reading an entire book, the latter have little time to devote to this hobby. So, to make this pleasure available to them, there are novellas that can be read during a tea or coffee break.

Here are the two I choose last weekend:

Libri per il weekendHenry Fitzwilliam’s war is a short story that is part of The Bennet Wardrobe saga, written by Don Jacobson.

I recommend reading it after the first volume of the aforementioned saga (The keeper: Mary Bennet’s extraordinary journey) because it explores the point of view of the main male character of the second book: The exile: Kitty Bennet and the Belle Epoque.

The protagonist is Henry Fitzwilliam, Lidya Bennet‘s nephew, who, born in an era without wars, like many of his contemporaries, he feels frustrated by not being able to prove his worth in a battle. For this reason, he decides to use the wardrobe, a magical artefact that allows those who possess the Bennet blood to travel forward in time.
However, this object has a great sense of humour because it transports people, not where they want to go, but where they need to go to learn a life lesson. Henry, in fact, becomes a soldier during the First World War.

It is in this way that he discovers that the value in battle is no longer measured by the courage of the individual, but that it is the union that makes strength and above all victory.
Hit by a cloud of toxic gas, he also understands the dangers of the great war that uses the first real “modern” weapons.

When he is entrusted to the care of a woman in a villa in Deauville, he discovers that he has a harmony never felt before with this married lady. This part is one of the prettiest, and also serves to understand the character’s behaviours in the next volume.

I admit that at first, I didn’t understand what was the purpose of this novel. But with the reading of the second volume of the saga, it was all much clearer to me.
This is a very short story, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a complete view of the second volume of the Bennet Wardrobe series.

Rating: 3/5


Libri per il weekendPride and sensuality – A Darcy and Elizabeth short story is a novel written by P.O. Dixon inspired by Pride and Prejudice.

The story takes place in the period that follows the marriage proposal, and shows the main characters, Darcy and Elizabeth, attending various family meetings.
Taken by the turmoil of their feelings, the two young lovers are looking forward to spending some time alone but, whenever they try to withdraw, they are disturbed by a family member. These interruptions create the most enjoyable curtains in the story, especially when they involve Mr Bennet.

Contrary to what the title and the cover may suggest, this novel does not contain mature contents, and the two protagonists do not anticipate the votes.
Although the scene in which the two remain asleep embraced on the sofa can be sweet, it seems completely unreal, given that at the time couples were not left alone even for a minute. This and other scenes between the two characters make the whole thing not very credible and at times even ridiculous (think of the food scene). The author’s attempt to transmit passion to the reader completely fails, and what’s more, the story leaves a sense of incompleteness, and one wonders if the price is not too high for such an ebook.

For lovers of Jane Austen‘s variation, this can be considered as an extra scene to add to the original work, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to those who don’t like filler stories.

Rating: 1/5

And you? What short stories would you recommend reading over the weekend?

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