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Il club di Jane Austen – Yours forevermore, Darcy

Jane Austen

Yours forevermoreTitle: Yours forevermore, Darcy
Author: KaraLynne Mackrory
Publisher: Meryton Press
Year: 2015
Genre: romance
Rating: 4/5
Source: This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Yours forevermore, Darcy is a variation of Pride and Prejudice written by KaraLynne Mackrory in 2015. It takes up the events of Jane Austen‘s novel starting from the Hunsford‘s proposal, following very precisely the original events, but giving them an all-new taste.
The events that the author adds can be seen as a completion of the Austenian story, for this reason, they are also pleasing to the purists. In fact, the changes to the original plot are very few – the most substantial is that which modifies the adventures concerning Wickham and Lydia.

Yours forevermore
Shocked by the feelings he feels for Elizabeth, Darcy tries to clarify his ideas and externalize his emotions by writing. Instead of compiling a diary, he writes letters to his beloved and manages to communicate things that he would never be able to tell her in person. Obviously, these letters are just a fetish to get rid of his frustration, as Darcy never intended to send them even if, due to some careless actions, they end up in the hands of Elizabeth.

This novel can easily be divided into two parts.
The first is quite descriptive and contains the narration of the suffering experienced by the main characters, but mostly by the male one.
The second one makes us discover what is the content of the letters and what feelings they provoke. The turning point is precisely the arrival of the letters to Longbourn.

The author has managed to keep the characters perfectly in line with the original ones (Mr Bennet is exceptional) and for this reason, the whole novel is credible. In my opinion, with this work she wants to teach us how to communicate. In fact, sometimes the lack of communication creates problems and misunderstanding between people.
Yours forevermoreThe style is high and worthy of Jane Austen. The wise use of quotes from the original winks at the reader who enjoys it recognizing typical phrases of a character used by another in a context that makes it take on a completely different meaning.

Compared to many other novels that tell the story of Pride and prejudice relying completely on the epistles, Yours forevermore, Darcy contains only twelve letters, with which it manages to build a plot that is entirely enjoyable. Surely this book is one of those to read with a cup of tea and a package of tissues because it gives the reader a wide range of emotions.

Finally, how beautiful is the title of this work? And how powerful is the word “forevermore“? The world in a few letters.

KaraLynne Mackrory

Born in the United States, KaraLynne has a great sense of humor and loves to write. She is married to her personal Mr Darcy with whom she shares the responsibility of raising four beautiful children.

She is known for her novel Bluebells in the mourning.

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